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Mr. Sanjeev Juneja

Mr. Sanjeev Juneja

A pioneer in FMCG field

Mr. Sanjeev Juneja (born on August 20, 1976) is an Indian business tycoon, investor, philanthropist and a founder of India’s renowned ayurvedic based FMCG firm “Divisa Herbal Care”. Born as a son of an Ayurvedic practitioner, Mr. Juneja was the first one from his family to venture into the business sector. Being a first generation entrepreneur he had face several challenges before reaching the height of success that he has reached today.

When he was 23, his father sudden demise comes as a shock and a lot of family responsibility fell on his shoulder. But, blessed with a high level of ambition and an astute sense of business, he dared to tread into the business sector dominated by FMCG giants like UNILEVER, ITC, Baidyanath, Hamdard, Dabur etc. In 2001, he founded his own Ayurvedic firm “SANJEEV PHARMACEUTICALS” and with his relentless hard work and sheer determination not only did he manage to crave niche for himself, but also engaged as one of the business leader in the FMCG sector. His contribution to growth of ayurvedic FMCG sector in India has been immense and the Asia One magazine described him as the ‘The World’s Greatest Leaders 2015-16 – INDIA”.

Under the stewardship of Mr. Juneja, Divisa Herbal Care is successfully leading toward becoming India’s one of the top Ayurvedic firms which deals in marketing and manufacturing of Ayurvedic OTC products.

Early Life and Understanding Ayurveda

Mr. Sanjeev juneja was born on 20th August 1976 in Juneja family in Patiala, Punjab, India. His father, Late Dr. I K Juneja is a renowned name in the field of Ayurveda.

His father, Dr. I.K. juneja is famous for his own unique Ayurvedic formulations to treat various ailments. His mother, Mrs. Usha Juneja is a housewife and fond of studying oriental and antiquarian books. During his childhood, Mr. Sanjeev Juneja has been taught by his father on Ayurveda. He learned lots of things in Ayurveda and took this subject as his career for future prospective. Some of his friends recalled the days of their friendships where they have observed Mr. Sanjeev Juneja to do something of his own. His father used to share the dream of having own Ayurvedic based company. But unfortunately Mr. Sanjeev Juneja lost his father in year 1999. Though the time was very tough and shattering, but he kept his morale high and stepped ahead with affirmed mind to establish his own business and launched a firm, Sanjeev Pharmaceuticals in April 2001. The first two years of his business was full of struggle where he himself walked door to door, shop to shop and convinced retailers to penetrate his products in the market. It was Mr. Sanjeev Juneja’s sheer hard work and entrepreneurial skills that works to achieved his milestones.

Establishing as an Entrepreneur

In an interview with Economic Times newspaper, Mr. Juneja recalled his teenage memories. In teenage, Mr. Juneja used to visit his father’s clinic and was always curious to know about the results of ayurvedic herbs and medicines. One day Mr. Juneja’s father asked him to design the advertisement for his clinic and install these boards in the city. Through this, he got an opportunity to showcase his talent and put all his efforts to designing the advertisement and analyzing the remarkable places for installing boards in the city. With the continuous efforts of Mr. Juneja, this small analytical cost-effective strategy became a big hit.

Beginning the career as entrepreneur, Mr. Sanjeev Juneja was very well aware of that a well-equipped, modernized and state-of-art company is required to develop high quality Ayurvedic products and to meet consumer demands. Thus, Mr. Sanjeev Juneja launched his ownfirm; Divisa Herbal Care at Kala Amb in 2008 and a partnership firm SBS Biotech Unit - II. After the compound efforts and keen vision planning, Mr. Juneja launched Kesh-king in year 2009, which became one of the leading brand in the hair care segment. The present firms are diversified with wide ranges of products covering various personal and health care segments. Divisa Herbal Care and SBS Biotech Unit II protruded in the market and encompassed all barriers and recognized in the market as a fastest FMCG producing company.

Success of Kesh King & allied hair care brands

Kesh King – Emami Ltd. deal is one of the biggest acquisition deal taken place in India. In 2015, Emami Ltd. has approached Mr. Juneja for his signature hair business including brand “Kesh King” which is one of the most reputed brand in market and well known for its quality and consumer satisfaction in market. In May 2015, Mr. Juneja clinched the deal with Emami for 262 Millions US$, which has been recorded as second highest paid deal after Paras-Reckitt Benckiser deal in the history of FMCG companies in India.

Brand owned by Mr. Sanjeev Juneja

Mr. Juneja is informally known as a “Brand Machine” after the huge success of Kesh King brand. Mr. Juneja started his venture with 2 brands. Since then, it has grown exponentially. Today, Mr. Juneja is holding company responsible for 14 major well-established brands such as Roop Mantra, Dr. Ortho, Pet Saffa, Accumass, Sachi Saheli, More Power etc. The major part of the brands is focused to consumer products.

These brands are contributing the considerable marketshare value in their respective markets and showing remarkable and dominant growth year after year.

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Some of leading brands of Mr. Juneja’s

Future Perspectives

Mr. Sanjeev Juneja is visionary person and long term strategy planner. In an Interview with India Today, He shared his core competence of developing unique Ayurvedic products and to generate more employment for Indian Youth. The major objective of Mr. Juneja is to aware consumers toward the Natural and Ayurvedic products and make such products which are affordable and pocket-friendly for consumers. The zeal of more success and quality driven products has embarked Mr. Sanjeev Juneja to expand his business at international level such as; Gulf and other Asian countries.

Personal Life

Mr. Sanjeev Juneja is married to Mrs. Sarah Juneja. Mr. Sanjeev never forgets to praise his wife for supporting him in every circumstances and motivating him to achieve the best. He is also fond to see new places, poetry and experience the beauty, food and peoples of different regions. During an interview Mr. Juneja shares that he defined success is to be happy & spread happiness.

Social Appearance

Mr. Sanjeev Juneja is very sensitive and possesses high moral qualities. He always advise his employees to focus on such products which could be utilized by every class of people at affordable prices. His company has initiated a campaign ‘Save the girl child’ and to support those parents who have two girl children.


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